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Thread: My new old Sako 591

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    My new old Sako 591

    Hi all just thought I would share some picture's of my new to me but old Sako 591.I put in a veriation over 8 weeks ago which landed on my door step on Saturday with the land I intended to shoot over which was cleared 6 weeks ago and then told a week later that the land had two few deer on it and that I had to find some more . so never thought the day would ever come . its a bit bare as it still needs dressing up

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    Nice one Craig, I bet it feels nice to get your mitts on it at last, looks like a cracking rifle

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    Cheers jase .yes it seems like its been forever.Next a scope then away we go.But away all next week so more waiting but at home the week after so I will make up for it

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    I'm just about to buy one - do you mind me asking what you paid. PM if it's confidential

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    Was it also known as the forester?

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    Forester was the L579 action.

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    Dammit! I wanted that rifle!!

    Super looking gun for an absurd price.

    Please, please, for pity's sake, don't screw cut it!

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    Me too Mungo, I rang for it a day or two after it was first advertised, and he told me he was holding it for Craig

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    Sorry chaps its all mine must admit when I rang Jim the sell and it hadn't been sold and he said he would save it for me I thought the gods were on my side for once . l spend a couple of hours with him a true gentleman pointed him the forum out to him as he was looking for a Chinese water deer shoot and had been quoted a 1000 . Chees again chap will put some more pictures up when she is property dressed

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