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Thread: Shogun - Richard Chamberlain

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    Shogun - Richard Chamberlain

    Just watched a couple of episodes as I missed the series first time around and I'm now quite keen to watch the rest but keep missing key ones on CBS - does anyone know of an easy way to access the series in episode order ? A boxed set maybe. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sorry kes, can't help you in that respect but hope you find a way. What a superb series it was. I was quite young when I watched it first time around and can still remember it quite clearly

    ATB Lee

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    You can stream it on the internet.
    Kodi you can download and then add Gemini and you can watch anything you like .
    Its legal so long as you don't download.

    I just watched Beyond the Reach about a guy ( Michael Douglas ) hunting his guide with a Steyer 308,good movie
    You can google the how to do and will give you a vid of how to set it up

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    Hai, Leej-San. I have the boxed set of Shogun DVDs. I could post you the missing episodes if you promise to to give them back. Alternately it's available for not very much on Amazon and then you can keep it forever. Wakari-mas?

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    Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita, Pine Martin, Amazon it is, appreciated.

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