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Thread: kia sportage

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    kia sportage

    Thinking about getting a used kia sportage any good off and winter time snow what tyres best

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    Hi mate, not sure this is in the correct section. Having said that I have just bought my wife a Kia Rio and I am very impressed with it. The sportage is not a serious off road vehicle not like land rover or the Japanese double cabs but it is very well made.
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    Hiya,Re the Sportage, tho my mates wife had one years ago, ran it into the ground, then recently bought a Sorrento to replace it.., they love it... My son in law has one, ( Sorrento) he lives in California, it's called the Saturn there, and has a V6 pertol engine, goes great, plenty room, and when we were over last year, did a small amount of offroading, and it dealt with it fine... They had a snow storm just before Xmas last year, the northern end of Cali was almost closed down, but the car did a good job of getting him to his work. Build quality is way better than the first models...but, again, as a serious offroader, I am still not convinced.....I found this on Youtube...

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    We have a a 2011 sorrento and love it , 2.2td
    Excellent motor good warranty

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