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Thread: Elephant Conservation

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    Elephant Conservation

    Hi Folks, Can anybody point me in the right direction please.
    Last night I found a post ref Cecil and during some of the posts somebody had posted a very good informative video of why and how culling and conservation come into its own.
    Unfortunately it was rather longer than I had time for last night so I only watched 15 minutes of it which dealt primarily with Elephants but found it very interesting indeed.
    However this morning I have searched, Lion, Video, Elephant and Cecil but have had no luck finding it.
    I would very much like to find it again and watch the complete video so am hoping somebody can point me in the right direction.
    Thanks, any help would be appreciated.

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    No that's not the one Patrick.
    The one I started to watch was something like 50 minutes long and covered a period where a 'Natural Cycle' was left to Nature and it was discovered that although, in theory, food availability controlled the cycle of wild life, it was not so as man had already damaged the 'Natural' areas.
    They found that Elephants in particular reproduced far quicker than it took for the hardwoods to replenish themselves !!
    The culls on elephants were astronomically large but it made no difference as others came in from outside the so called controlled areas.
    Then governments took an interest in the ivory trade and released so much hoping to flood the market and bring the price down but it made poaching worse as the two purchasers of the ivory only released it onto the market in dribs and drabs so not swamping the market as the government intended.
    It's on the site somewhere but I still can't find it so I am hoping the poster will help me find it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johndeere View Post
    could this be it ?
    That's the one,thank you very much.
    I only had time to watch the first few minutes but is looks to be a very balanced approach to culling/trophies and conservation.
    I could be wrong after watching it all :-)

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