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Thread: Wood/blue V Stainless Synthetic

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    Wood/blue V Stainless Synthetic

    Finally got what to me are the two perfect rifles in two (to me) perfect calibres, now the question are their any people using stainless synthetic rifles just for the practicality rather than the looks? to me I have always been drawn to the look of wood/blue rifles, but I'm always scared to death of knackering the wood, yes I know they are tools to be used, but I'd hate to mark them up, is it just me or are there others like me?

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    I got best of both worlds, blued synthetic

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    Yep I'm the same , I prefer synthetic stocks

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    I hunt with Parkerized FR-8 Mausers, in wood stocks, of course, and other military battle rifles.
    Remington 700 BDL SS Synthetic .30-06
    SHR970 Iaflon coated metal with walnut stocks (.308 and .280) with an extra synthetic stock.
    Steyr Mannlicher SBS Prohunter is Mannox coated ( very impervious) and synthetic stock.
    Steyr Mannlicher Model M Professional, Parkerized in Cycolac ( ABS ) stock
    Tikka T3 Lite blue steel in synthetic stock.

    I must add that I hunt with blue steel in nice walnut, and have rifles which are over 100 years old and still look good, some pre-1939 Mausers which are in great condition, and some I have owned for 20, 30 and 40+ years which have very few tiny dings on them - Rem 700s, Sakos, Mannlichers, Sauer 200, custom Mausers, high-grade Savage 99s, Browning BLR, A-Bolt Gold Medallion, Win M70s.

    Just take care of them. Wax the metal with Johnson's Paste Wax if you think you are going out in the rain, and the stock. It comes off with gentle solvents, like turpentine. But that is why I have some stainless/synthetic rifles for hunting anywhere/anytime/anything.

    A stainless rifle in nitride finish, Teflon, or Cerakote, set into a laminated wood stock, is nice looking, satifies my affinity for wood, and is pretty weatherproof.
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    22lr blued synthetic cz ,22/250 remy cerokote and laminated stock
    308 prohunter mannox coated and synthetic stock
    6.5.prohunter. ". ". "
    270 sako wood blued barrel - action love the rifle but very careful not to bang it up
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    I much prefer wood, I suppose it's because I'm old!!! However as JK says there is always the worry about marking them. I think this can depend on the type of shooting you're doing and how much you look after your guns/rifles. Except for an air rifle I dropped on concrete I have never really damaged a wooden stock and they all look pretty well as good as new. However, for winter fallow stalking I bought a Mauser synthetic and use this when the weather is bad.

    I must admit although the synthetic is eminently practical it doesn't give me the same pleasure as nice woodwork.

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    Stainless and synthetic are workhorses, blued and wood are rifles
    you like and appreciate. Synthetics have no character but are useful,
    wood and blued gives a sense of character and memories and are like a good old friend in years to come. What other way can you put it?

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    Walnut for shotguns (except semis), soft-touch synthetic for rifles. No exceptions.

    That's not logical; they're just my prejudices, but I can't imagine deviating from them.

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    I like stainless however in black Cerakoted or Ilaflon etc. Stock composite, it's warmer than wood... (at least mine are)
    ok...., I like wood too but composites have too many advantages.

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    I had what I thought was the best of both worlds, A Tikka T3 Lite which is blued with synthetic stock. Cracking little rifle.
    The ORDNANCE QF 18 pounder Field Gun......I wonder if they will let me have one of these on an open ticket

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