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Thread: whi h scope

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    whi h scope

    The choice of 3 to be used for a target rifle and some stalking.

    1. S@b 4-16 pm 2
    2. Ior 6-24
    3. Nightforce NXS 8-32.
    Any ideas appreciated.

    I know the C is missing phones!!
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    The 4-16 PMII is my ideal stalking scope that will do targets very well. If you are going to do more serious targets than deer then more mag may be preferred. I didn't get on with night force as the turrets turn the wrong way

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    I agree with srvet - I have a PM2 4-16 x50 and its a great dual purpose scope suitable for targets and stalking.

    Mine was secondhand 5 years ago and it has been used in all sorts of conditions in that time and has never lost zero etc.

    A truly great product.


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    S&B number 1 choice of those options.
    have you looked at Kahles ?

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    Had a brief look at kahles . Never used one i gave used both the nightforce and s@b the IOR was a wild card but great reviews

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    I believe that a 4-16x50 PMII placed in the top 10 at the recent diggle fly shoot (at 500 yards) so the scope is capable at range

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