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Thread: Federal powershock

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    Federal powershock

    Currently looking for stalking up north or in Scotland, been recommended to use federal powershock 100gr in .243 for roe bucks, does anyone have any experience with this ammunition. Still a virgin at stalking even though done DSC1 a while back
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    Use it a lot in .308. Great stuff, you won't have any issues with it.
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    I use Federal Power-Shok 100Gr in my Howa 1500 .243W and it does the job just fine.
    No need for hand-loads for me, why bother if the factory amo is perfectly accurate.
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    Thank you, just need something to shoot now lol.
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    I used to use it and it is a good round but it got difficult to find so I changed to Norma and not looked back. Still have couple of boxes in the cabinet but don't think I will use them. I do use it in .270 still but will be moving to a European supplier soon. Fed up with supply problems.

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    used this round from the beginning im my tikka t3, not tryed anything else, dropped all roe on the spot, last buck i shot in june was 240 yards bang on the button , clipped the heart just where i aimed , give it a go , you wont go wrong, plus all species legal

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    Used them in .243 fantastic round. Very accurate out of the Sako 85

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    I used these to start with in my 243 until I'd developed a home load reliable and efficient round that shot well in my rifle.

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    I've got a box here that you can try if you're passing, along with an assortment of other .243 rounds. Norma 100 soft point, RWS 100 soft point & 96 cone point, Federal 100 soft point, Sako 100, Federal 80. I settled on the Sako 100 as it felt more comfortable to shoot from an un-moderated .243, not quite so 'snappy' as the others & I also use the Federal 80's for roe; very effective.

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    These will be perfect. Shot them for a number of years. Eventually moved to Norma when they got difficult to get. norma's are more expensive but slightly more accurate (being very precise on a target) but federals fine for deer.


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