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Thread: How to renovate sako finfire stock

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    How to renovate sako finfire stock

    I've sorted the bolt, now need to get the stock perfect.. I think its an oil finish, so how do I remove it and replace the oil finish please.. I've looked on the Internet and a lot of the you tube videos are U.S. based.

    One other thing is the barrel is in good condition, it just has two holes where the foresight was, has anyone got an idea how to make them more pleasing on the eye. I assume some form of blanking screw.


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    You cannot assume that what looks like an oil finish, is an oil finish, much less what kind, on a modern rifle. A Finnfire may be a hand-rubbed oil finish, but it may be a single wipe penetrating oil, and could be a modern synthetic finish which looks like an oil. The catalogs said that the rifles were offered with a gloss varnish, matte varnish, and oil finish. So you need to talk to a Sako dealer or call factory service.

    The owner's manual says to maintain your oil finished Sako stock with "Sako stock oil". If that is what you have, then just clean it thoroughly, as below, and renew it with a rub in of Sako Stock Oil. Don't strip it with chemicals or sandpaper!!

    There should be screw holes for the rear open sight and for the front blade sight. There are short filler screws to plug these. A gunsmith will have them in his screw assortment kit, or you can order them from Beretta. They are common to most rifles. Brownells and Midway have them.

    You can safely clean your oil, matte varnish looks-like-oil, or gloss varnish stock with a little mineral spirits and some elbow grease, using a soft cotton cloth, like an old t-shirt. What you don't wipe off will evaporate off.

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