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Thread: Illegal Immigrant "Nearly" Walks Through Channel Tunnel"

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    Illegal Immigrant "Nearly" Walks Through Channel Tunnel"

    From the BBC website

    A migrant was stopped inside the Channel Tunnel walking towards the UK, according to Eurotunnel.
    The Sudanese national was arrested a few kilometres from the British entrance of the 50.5 km (31-mile) tunnel on Tuesday.
    A spokesman for Eurotunnel said the person "almost succeeded in walking through the tunnel".
    The train operator held an "unplanned" inspection on the same day, which led to four-hour delays.
    A 40-year-old man, of no fixed address, has been charged with causing an obstruction to an engine or carriage using the railway and was due to appear at Medway Magistrates' Court.


    So, he "nearly" walked all the way - and then we gave him a lift !!!

    Words fail me.
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    Well, he has appeared in court and will be unable to claim asylum, IF he is convicted of trespassing on a railway....

    At least that is what the Telegraph says so it must be true!!

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    The HR lawyers will be all over this one like a rash. He ought to appear in court, and after conviction for various offences, be deported.
    However, with all the influence from various hand-wringers & bleeding-hearts he'll likely be offered asylum - which is wrong, he by definition isn't a legitimate asylum seeker, he's an illegal immigrant - and from there it's onto the gravy-train. Next thing they'll want to ship his family in too.
    Send him back to Sudan with a message that any others who pull a stunt like this will be treated the same
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    Beggars belief ,why wasnt he taken back to la belle France and told to do 1.Time to start flying them home as the the rest of the world does.DNA sample ,finger prints recorded and automatic 5 year ban from the UK ,the most diverse country in the world America does it and they dont ring their hands over it.The UK is FULL ,we dont need 5000 more illegals from anywhere
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    why worry chaps he will get a free house and car and cash and anything he needs to never fit in for the rest of his life once the HR gang jump over our courts ??? sorry forgot his right to bring over his tribe ?? and a bigger house blood boiling point when our own have to live in a box

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    Critical infrastructure security anyone?

    Its a tunnel entrance, how much of a challenge to harden that can it be to HM government. Embarrassing.
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    I make it five or six times.

    Just to be sure.

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    Sorry guys, I rather admire his ingenuity?

    MHO. Not really his fault?
    The fault lies in our successive narcissistic weak governments?

    A mate driving us home after a foray proposed the best answer I have heard relating to our seeming inability to stop this influx by making it unattractive to come here?

    His opinion was, that for years our successive governments have tried to buy our way back onto the world stage by trying to appear that "we care more"?
    Subsequently the lack of real robust action to stop it, is not forthcoming due to the worldwide condemnation that will follow?

    Most plausible excuse so far?

    IMHO, simply not good for anyone to be condemned for trying to find a safer, better life? Which is what we are all programmed to do?

    Tin hat at the ready but not posting again on this topic.

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    Anyone infiltrating any security measures on the tunnel should be shot. End of, I'm sick of hearing from all the bleeding heart lefty loons. As for all the boat illegals, whosever territorial waters they are in they should be sunk by their respective navies. Harsh maybe but our island is packed as it is, no room for any more.
    reiver xxv

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    Please be advised London-bound traffic on the M20 is moving freely as of writing so perfect conditions for facilitating an unhurried journey into the hospitable arms of Hounslow Social Services. Helpful route map attached with optional stop-off picnicking site:,lf:1& oll=51.51155711829429,-0.2959637000000157&ospn=0.015731397692704263,0.026 993751525878906&oz=9&fll=50.847434235965146,0.9304 924653137059&fspn=2.042892664509992,3.455200195312 5&fz=8&rlha=0

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    When Italy asked for help to stop the flood of Africans, what did the EU do? So Italy gives them all visas on off they go, to Germany, France, Spain and the ultimate prize the United Kingdom.

    We have a similar problem here, middle eastern Asian going to Indonesia as a stop over, so they can jump the boat and the minute they hit the shore claim some status, lead by relatives and a whole bunch of government funded lawyers, aided and abetted by the "Green and Socialist Slime".

    Well that door got slammed last year when the socialists were kicked out and the right is back in power. Within a week we've had no more boats in 12 months.
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