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Thread: Anyone on here CFA?

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    Question Anyone on here CFA?

    I've heard the exams are mega hard but was wondering just how hard is hard...!?


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    very tough unless you're a maths person and willing to put a lot of time into it. Years ago I did all the investment, analysis, advice, and FS qualifications, MBA, etc., you name the end of the day it was worth nothing exceptional unless I wanted to live in London, ok, you can easily earn 500k to 4m a year if you're good at your job..great, but you can't live in the Scottish countryside, so I restructured my path in life and swore I would never set foot in the corporate environment far so good, but I tell you, once you're in the door in the city, you will never have it better financially, and when you leave, you will realise how tough it is not to receive those bonuses! LOL.

    seriously, you live in N London, you must like it. I say do it, go for it all the way! Big earners, you got to go CFA and/or Actuarial route followed by an MBA and tbh, you're set for a FS CEO job within a decade if you do well. Your wife or future wife will thank you, so will your kids...unless you top yourself before due to the work stress and hours :-)

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    I sat the CIMA exams which are similar to the CFA but with more emphasis on accountancy.

    The exams are tough no doubt, but what makes it harder is fitting all the study around your day job! I'm not an academic by any means and TBH I dont like sitting exams at all, but if you set your mind to it and think "Ok, its going to be 3 years of hard graft to get this under my belt" and just go for it then its definitely do-able.

    And its worth it career wise too IMHO.

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    Interesting replies, thanks. Decisions, decisions....!

    I'm no stranger to studying around work, I was just a bit worried about how tough the maths is... I'm guessing undergrad level?


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    I'm doing a part time master's degree starting this year... I'm considering doing CFA after just to make myself stand out a bit.

    So it's a question of pain vs. gain for CFA...

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    They are a lot of work but perfectly passable if you put in the effort. get Level 1 under your belt and see how you feel from there. Definitely worth the effort. Will make you a much more attractive hire.

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