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Thread: Rounds for HOWA 1500

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    Rounds for HOWA 1500

    I'm hoping to pick up a HOWA 1500 varmint stainless with a mod (T8 I think) on the weekend. Does anyone have any experience or good advice on some decent (and or cheap) factory rounds to get zeroed and a feel for the weapon. It'll be used for roe stalking in the main.


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    As always with a new to you, you will have to experiment as you know all rifles can be quite different in their preferred diet, unless it is pre owned & you get the details from the former owner, try to cadge some different loads from your mates to try along with a small selection of factory offerings, Federal / Winchester / Remington will be a good place to start, what calibre are you getting?
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    Sorry, missed the fundamental info! 308

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    AHH! Throw & wait.......... only kidding!,..........Lots of stuff about for it, If you get stuck, I'm sure there will be someone close by you with a few homebrew suggestions, Whats on offer at your local supplier?
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    Just Federal and Winchester I think but to be honest I have a few shops within range so was looking to phone around if any firm recommendations. Your advice seems like a good idea, quite a few friends shoot 308s so a begging bowl for the next range day seems a good idea!

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    Try PPU Privi Partizan, cheep as chips and it might like it.


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    Picked up the rifle yesterday and got some Federal, Winchester and Sako factory ammo to try out tomorrow - all far too expensive but haven't got the kit to home load yet or a local source of PPU Privi rounds! Will post with the results.

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    I've got a Howa 1500 .308 - sako and rws seem to go best through mine, but each rifle is different. I was told to stick to soft nose 150g and I wouldn't go far wrong... Seems to be working for me... Hope it goes well for you - finding the right ammo can be really expensive (and time consuming!)....


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    Thanks for the advice so far! Tried Federal Power shock 150gr, sako 123gr and Winchester 150gr. Little difference between the three, if anything the Winchester groups were tighter (or is it my shooting). Having said that got home and was pulling the rifle through when I discovered the scope rail and screws securing the stock had worked loose, might be why groups got less tight towards the end. You live and learn should have checked as I went along. Anyway shooting consistent 1.5-2" groups from 100m off a bipod which is good enough for me.

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    Yup, always check your mounts, especially on a new rifle as they tend to work loose. I also found my bipod had worked loose recently - I was getting groups out to 90mm until someone at the range pointed it out to me. Back to 22mm groups now...

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