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Thread: Shooting vehicle.

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    Shooting vehicle.

    I'm looking for a vehicle I want to use or convert into a shooting vehicle. Purely for night shooting rabbits and foxes, something quiet small and 4 x 4. So something like a Suzuki perhaps? Just need pointing in the right direction. Won't need to go on the road, just on farm use, so can afford to completely convert.

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    Vitara short wheel base

    Diesel is better than petrol for economy, and if it's confined to the farm RED can be used, short wheel base turns on a pin head and has enough room with the rear seats out for all your needs and if your lucky pick,up an MOT rust bucket and set about it with a disc cutter,

    Good at tyres and it will just about show anything else where to go x****ry if your a good driver like me would love an old 413 with the fold down windscreen how good would that be,

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    I used to have a Vauxhall Frontera 2.0 Sport which I deeply regret selling. It was perfect for shooting from as the rear roof section was held on by four quick release clips and lifted off easily for shooting from. Plus I never got it stuck in mud or snow.
    I would happily have one again!
    Well worth thinking about if one comes up at the right price!

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    A fleelander sport with the romovable roof and removable sunroof.
    One for sale in vehicles

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    I too had a Frontera Sport if you had the right model they were brilliant. Excellent off road and as FB said I would also have one again.

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    I'm with Bob on this one - I had a Vitara SWB that I bought from Monkeyspanker years ago and it was a brilliant foxing and rabbiting machine.

    Mine was the petrol 16v engine and ran so quietly it was like a stealth truck. With the full hi-lo box and a set of budget Kumho MT tyres, it went anywhere I pointed it, plus it was light enough to ride over the really claggy stuff rather than get bogged down in it.

    I fitted mine with custom made shooting rests on both doors, stripped out all interior lights, installed a lamp through the roof etc. We ran it for years until it finally succumbed to rust.

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    Size of the wagon is not a factor for farm use, depends on what type of farm as if it is tied into a scheme then the stubbles are soon ripped up....
    I used to shoot off a diesel wagon with a platform, not good with the engine running on a long fox. yes we turned it off but once the stubbles were turned in and no driving on the margins.
    Cash permitting I would use a V8 Disco Auto on petrol (gas conversation would good but getting the gas would be hard with a wagon off road) soft ride, quiet....

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    Not sure if you get Daihatsu cars where you are, Daihatsu terrios make an awesome shooting vehicle. But you can't go wrong with a Suzuki Sierra either.

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    Daihatsu fortrack!
    Kitted mine out got rid of back seat and put a ply table in there to rest guns on and made two brackets on the doors to shoot from.

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    +1 for a Vitara had 3. 200 set of cheap MT Tyers will go anywhere

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