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Thread: My first Fallow Buck

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    My first Fallow Buck

    I had organised an outing with Ian Farrington with a view to stalk my first Fallow Buck... I have been out with Ian after Roe Bucks on quite a few outings including his half day course of rifle safety and shooting techniques...... I have enjoyed Ian's mentoring as he has a good sense of humour balanced with a very professional outlook to Deer stalking.......We met up at a ground near Dorchester.....Ian didn't disappoint, as soon as we were out of his vehicle we spotted a group of Fallow around 800 meters away. Ian asked me how we should approach the group (to see if i had been listening and learning on our previous outings). As we started to move towards the group with the wind in our faces Ian spotted a lone Fallow buck on a different part of the ground. We chose this animal to stalk as there was more cover and dead ground to conceal us and give a better chance of getting close enough for a shot. On our approach the Buck moved out of sight, this gave us a chance to cover ground more quickly. We stalked along a fence line at the edge of a wood and approached the rise where we hoped our Buck was grazing. When we made eye contact again it became apparent that there were indeed 2 Bucks and a Doe. Unfortunately there was no safe back stop so we waited patiently for the group to move into a position where a shot could be taken safely. Whilst waiting for around 30 minutes a young Fallow came from behind to within 5 meters of our position before seeing us, causing it to move away and head towards the other group. After around another 15 minutes the group headed over another rise and disappeared out of sight. Ian and I crawled closer. When we were close enough but still out of sight of the Deer Ian whispered that upon standing I would have a limited amount of time before the Deer would spot us and disappear into the woods. With the rifle ready on the sticks I stood, by this time my heart was beating a little too hard and I had to wait to compose myself, luckily for me we were not spotted.. With one of the bucks standing alone and offering a broadside view I took the shot. A clean thump was heard as the Deer leaped into the air. The deer ran towards cover but didn't make more than 10 meters. This was my most enjoyable stalk so far, it took me several hours to calm down and eventually get some sleep. A big thanks to Ian, for a great outing..

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    well done on the first of many ,good write up too
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    Congratulations on the buck! A well told story as well.

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    Thank you. Im out with Ian again over the next 2 weeks as I've got some time off work. Im hoping to see some rutting Roe's.. :-)

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    Great read as clearly a very exciting stalk, thanks for the write up

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    Sounds like an ideal day..

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