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Thread: vortex viper pst

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    vortex viper pst

    Any one got one that they no longer use. And want to part with

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    Quote Originally Posted by topscots1 View Post
    Any one got one that they no longer use. And want to part with
    PM Gunner223, he's thinking of selling his minty 6-24x50. He's back online from Monday.

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    I have one. A vortex viper pst ffp 4-16x50 mrad ebr1 i believe......ideally like to px or swap for absalute mint ellite.
    Mine is imaculate and seen next to no work litrelly

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    What would you be after cash wise

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    Hi topsots1,
    I have a viper 6-24-50 sfp im willing to sell, and its very nice,pm me if your intrested
    Cheers Gunner

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    Did you find one as I am also looking to get one to try for target work at a fair price anyone got one I don't mine scatches as long as its not damaged sorry if i'am butting in

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    I have a viper pst 6-24x50 sfp that is gathering dust. PM me if you want photos etc

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