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Thread: Draw spotting scope or leupold spotting scope wanted

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    Draw spotting scope or leupold spotting scope wanted

    Is there any one selling a draw scope like a swarovski ctc or a schmidt bender or a leupold spotting scope.
    could you send photos to


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    Don't discount looking at some of the older draw scopes. I spent some time looking for a scope that I could spot Roe at distance on Norfolk hedgerows.
    I didn't want to spend a fortune as it was a bit of an experiment.

    I ended up buying a Hertel and Reuss 25-60x60, which is a single draw that extends to about two feet long.
    It has taken some time to get used to as I had never owned one before.

    I bought it from Ace Optics of Bath, where it was advertised for 100. Its a lot of scope for not a lot of money.
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    Just had a look. They look like the schmidt bender ones.

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