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Thread: Stalking in England

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    Stalking in England

    I am still looking for a syndicate place anywhere in england. I have DSC1 & 2 + first aid.manual handling
    I have been shooting for quit some time now and i have a syndicate up Scotland that i run myself.
    I'm looking to try and find something a bit closer and different to what i have been doing.
    If anyone has anything or know of anything coming up then please get in touch with me by pm.
    I have shot all deer apart from chinks. and i don't mind any of them.

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    It might be a plan to contact the FC England and see what they have .A friend of mine just picked up 550 acre for 1200 .It seems it was advertised in the shooting times and only 3 people went to view it. There are some very good areas and with the view that all can tender for land now i think things are going to change.

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    I did not think the FC in England would allow people to have stalking, I live very close to the Santon Downham office, and have only heard of the St huberts club to get stalking from the FC ? Everyone I know with a lease for shooting from the forestry are not allowed to use a rifle even for vermin control.
    Unless you are a BASC member and book to go out with the BASC scheme.

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    Was that bit on land in Shropshire for 1200.00, I bid for that also but never heard a thing.

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    What price did you bid and if you were not successful why not ask the reason then the next time you can be prepared.

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