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Thread: anyone used a venom night master

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    anyone used a venom night master

    Has anyone used the venom nightmaster im conerned the nm 800 beam is very tight and with no dimmer like the venom which apparently has a wider beam even when maxed out to full distance, the venom would be better for for .17 hmr on the rabbits.
    Also is the red led any good on ordinary grass ( not just straw cut) at distance. I had just bought a t67 mini red led couldn't see at any great distance on ordinary grass (beyond 50m) yet it reached further when shined against rees. others have claimed well beyond this with green led on a t67. Does any red led give distance or is green yellow better option? My old clulite with red filter seen further out to 80m, till it fried switch I rain!
    Any help be great. Basically I qant something that doesnt scare the rabbits off I.e wh
    ite light

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    Red LEDs are far superior to filters and although they, like any light will work better on some surfaces than others the red eye shine will still show up really well. I've never had much success with green, amber seemed Ok but red or white always work best for me. You could try alternating between the two.

    Having a dimmer on an infra red torch like the Venom is very useful, I never really found that a dimmer was essential when out after rabbits with non IR lamps, maybe occasionally, but do you want to be constantly readjusting the power level? Having a full power/low power selector switch is possibly the best option.

    As far as rabbits running off, perhaps they have been lamped a lot? They don't always just sit around waiting to be shot!

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    Hi Major.

    I've no experience with the Venom but, I've used a NM800 with both red and white pill to great affect on rabbits. Only on my .22 Annie though, I didn't get on with the HMR so sold it. Spot them with a Clulite and switch to the gun mounted NM to shoot 'em. You can buy the pills for the NM with 3 modes, so a sort of dimmer. But I never saw the advantage for what I do. (shoot out of Landy window) I also have the XSearcher, now that is a very tight beam that goes for miles…

    Hope it helps..


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    Thanks for that guys,
    Cjz how wide is the beam say at 100 metres and at 150 metres?
    Cheers major

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    Quote Originally Posted by major View Post
    Thanks for that guys,
    Cjz how wide is the beam say at 100 metres and at 150 metres?
    Cheers major
    Hi Major..

    I only have the NM on my rimmy, so only really shooting out to a max of 75-80 yards, but usually much closer. At them ranges it is spot on. I wouldn't have thought you'd have any problems though at the range you mention. If you try YouTube, I'm sure there are vids on there of the lamp been tried out on fox targets at longer ranges. They also compare the different colour LEDs. Also I think there are links on the Nightmaster website.

    Good luck.
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    Ta cjz66
    And how wide is the spot diameter at your said 80m distances then.


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    As said above, I have a Venom Strike and I really like it. I use a T67 or T50 for spotting and on my rifles: Sub 12ftlb air rifle, .22 FAC rilfe and when I had it the HMR. For me the NM VS is great I have a battery tube exension on it and and it gets fitted to the rifles and is fantastic, lasts for ages and is being adjustable its great around small paddocks and farm yards right up to spotting in the open. Knowing what I know now I prehapse wouldnt have bought the T50 and T67 but just bought a NM 400/800 for spotting.

    I doubt you would be unhappy with a NM VS.



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    I use a nightsearcher commander xm-l torch and it's great. Very small and compact and have eye shine out to 1000 yards easy.

    NightSearcher Commander XML Rechargeable LED Torch | NSCOMMANDERXML

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