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Thread: Binocular set up

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    Binocular set up

    What is the best all-round set up for binoculars - 8x42, 10x42, 8x52 etc etc?


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    It would obviously depend on what you hope to use them for. For over 20 years I used Swarovski 10x42s,through my work I recently got a good deal on a pair of 8x32 ELs,I don't miss the extra mag and as they're half the weight,I tend to take them everywhere I go,so I'm getting a lot more use out of them and they take up less room in the rucksack.

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    I have owned and used everything from my late father's war issue 7x50 through cheap and cheerfuls to Zeiss 10x40 BGAT*P* to Leica 7x42 and 8x42. I also have a Gray's telescope.

    My opinion is that for practical woodland stalking that 7x42 are better than 8x42. As the 8x is no better than 7x but you do lose both width of view and depth of field by going to an 8x over a 7x.

    The Zeiss 10x were sold once I bought, used, the Gray's telescope as on the hill a good telescope beats the best binocular and I'd say that these Zeiss BGAT*P* were the last of the best of the Zeiss leaded glass binoculars.

    Now, unfortunately, only Leica now offer a 7x42 but I'd still search one out as to being for woodland stalking the best of the best marriage of magnification plus lens size plus weight. The Trinovid BA FWIW is better (for us) that the Trinovid BN as the BA hasn't been adjusted for "birders" and in the process losing its longer ranging ability.

    However if you were sitting up in a high seat at dusk or before dawn then I'd suggest the extra weight of the 8x50 trumps the handiness of the 7x42.

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    Meopta do a 7x42. Looks a good option. All the quality of Leica Swaro and Zeiss but not the price.

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    Thanks for the opinions guys!

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    Leading question Sir

    I still use my Swarovski 7x42SL's from yesteryear - thats right from when first available and still work for me.
    Tech/glass etc. may have moved on but these just do what I need them to.

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    8x42,s vortex vipers high end quality at a mid range price,

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    I use swarovski's 10x42 el's there is great debate on the best magnification and you will need to take into account weight etc,best thing is to look at and hold different ones if you can before making your mind up.

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    i use swarovski 8x56 slc in thick woodland you have the best light gathering we are able to pick out tails wagging/ears twitching,they are just a little large/heavy.i also have swarovski 10x42slc just dont have the light gathering of 8x56.if you have the money there is nothing better than swarovski.

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