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Thread: Wanted: Left Handed .243

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    Wanted: Left Handed .243

    Looking for a left handed tikka t3, ideally a rifle/scope package but will consider just a rifle.

    Will also consider other makes in LH.

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    There's a guy on here selling a cz lefty .223. Looks a great buy. Sure he'll be along shortly.


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    I know for a blaser r8 package but im almost sure its 6.5. I can find out and sort details if thats any good?

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    Has to be a .243 unfortunately although I imagine that blaser is an awesome setup!


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    There's a nice Sako L591 at Greenfields in Salisbury - good price I reckon too. Should be on Guntrader.......
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    I have a remmy .223 l/h with t8, sling, bipod, bases and 30mm rings....heavy fluted barrel 20 to offers

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    Sakos, Tikkas, Heym and Sauer all make good left hand rifles. Remmingtons are also solid but need some tweaking - possibly better to spend a bit more. Concentrate on left hand, rather than calibre per se. And don't be talked into buying a right handed rifle - They are just awkward. Ok on the range but in the field off sticks you need the controls on the correct side. And Cz do a good lh 22rf to compliment your centrefire.

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    Thanks for the advice Heym SR20, think I might wait for a sako or blaser to pop up on here.

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    Speak to mmbeetle on here about a 243 barrel for the blaser he has advertised?


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    My pet hate when someone ask for one thing and then gets offered something else but I could do with moving it on!

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