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Thread: Aberdeen intro

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    Aberdeen intro

    Hello, I'm a junior doctor just starting in Aberdeen with a passion for fieldsports looking to gain some more experience. I've been out stalking on a couple of occasions and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm also a keen angler, have been rough shooting a few times and used to compete in a .22/fullbore rifle club. Just looking to chat to anyone in the north of Scotland who can give me a few tips and pointers on where to get started, not just stalking but also beating, rough shooting, wildfowling etc.


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    Hi Jonny,

    Plenty folks on here in the area, surely manage to get you involved in things. PM me if you wish.


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    Welcome. I think you'll find the lads on here will be only too happy to advise and point you in the right direction they're a great bunch. Old farts like myself would be glad of your company just in case the old pump plays up.

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    Welcome to the site,

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    Sounds fair, just as long as I'm not having to examine tick bites on the hill.

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    Plenty of locals on here Doc - feel free to PM.
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    Welcome - its a friendly place - but watch that Jockstalk bloke . And come to think of it that JAyB guy is a bit...

    Read everything with an open mind and take some of the ego flashing with apinch of salt/ sense of humour and there's a heart of gold on this forum - enjoy.
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