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    Lee Reloader Press

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    Afternoon Folks,

    for sale is my Lee Reloader press with instructions and original box.

    It has had very little use, and is ideal as a second press for light jobs such as seating bullets with the open design of the C frame.

    It comes virtually unused with only a tiny bit of enamel missing next to one of the bolt holes which is hidden when a bolt in it anyway.

    30 delivered


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    That's a bargain as the postage will be quite a bit.

    I think that you are underselling it by saying that it is good for light work, I very much doubt that you could break this during any reloading operation unless it was seriously abused.

    I have used a Lee turret press for over 20 years and used it for everything from .222 to .300 win mag and I can't see how you could possibly harm it without putting a length of scaffold pipe over the handle.

    I read somewhere that Richard Lee answered a critic of his kit by putting each of the three legs of a turret press in his lathe and turning a section down to about an eighth of an inch and continuing to use it like that.

    Other than a weakness or flaw in a casting, I can't really see how any press could fail under normal use.

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    i concur its a very good press and as long as your cases are lubed it does the job,
    I got mine a while ago from CDSG on offer for 27+4 postage.

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