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    Mae (PES) moderator

    I have been looking to fit one of these to my .243 and have seen one advertised, I asked up to what calibre is it proofed for and the only thing he can tell me is that it was bought for a .22-250, so here's the question does anyone know if they make these calibre specific or is there any way to tell what the largest cal they can be used on.
    Thanks Jase.

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    If you know the model, look it up on the website MAE Products | JMS ARMS - MAE Moderators UK it should tell you whats it proofed for

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    regardless of what calibre they are marketed for they CAN be used for others

    I have a T12 scout marketed for .223, but not marked or as far as I know "proofed"
    it has a 6.5mm bore
    I use it up to .243 and it works VERY well

    I also have a T12 that has 300 Weatherby Magnum stamped I use it on my 300WM

    check the model and age
    they had a run of full size T12's that were made in the late 2000's that used poor quality and less penetrating welding
    They recalled and replaced them but there are some (very few out there)

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