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    Range Report

    Went out this afternoon to verify my loads from last weekend. 30/06 Nosler case, Win LR primer, Hornady 168 gr. HPBT & Norma 204, COAL 3.330.

    First load 54 gr. Norma 204, 3 shots, 2 holes - 1 hole the shape of 2 bullets, the other hole about 1/4 " to the left. About 3/4" group.

    Second load 55 gr. Norma 204 3 shots, again 2 holes - one the shape of 2 bullets touching each other and the other hole 1/2" to the right and slightly low. A little less than a 1" group.

    Third load 55.6 gr. Norma 204 3 shots, again 2 holes- one just a ragged elongated hole, the other about a half of a millimeter to the right and high. This was the max load listed in volume 2 of the Norma manual, the Winchester digested it without any signs of discomfort.

    Couldn't be more pleased with the Norma powder and the Winchester model 70. I was beginning to doubt it's accuracy, turns out I just had to learn what to feed it. I am adding Norma 204 to my list of "Best" powders. Right up there with IMR 4350, RL 19, & IMR 4064. It was worth the extra $7.00 it cost above the IMR powders, well worth it!

    Next week end, I,m going to run it through the Ohler.
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