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Thread: konuspro scopes m30 3-12x56

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    konuspro scopes m30 3-12x56

    just wondering if anybody had one herd of these scopes 2 used one and or had an opinion on one there was an article in this months sporting rifle with a guy using one lamping foxes and he rated them saying they are spot on and after market sales etc were top notch ( i know sporting rifle is crap but bordem mad me buy it will be the last time promise ) just found this link lifetime replacement probably not worth the paper its written on but who knows with rumours big european scope manufactures are cutting lifetime garrentees and the price of these scopes being just 270 ish anyone think they are worth a look
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    I think you need to search the web a bit as that's way over priced from what I am seeing I considered buying one a year or so ago but something else came up so I didn't. but look here:-

    JLS I seem to recall were the importers of them. If you do as earch for rewiews and report on them you will find a few in America and I didn't see them getting a slagging. But as I say doa little finger walking and read what they say you can then make a more informed decision. JLS were a good company to deal with but I seem to recall it was sold the other year and the chap who started it retired.

  3. #3 hi brit hunter the one on the jls web site is a different model ive had a look on a few yank forums / review they never seem to get slagged of but if you start to look about not much really does was mainly looking for first hand advice if anyone had used one or even handled one cheers

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