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Thread: Scope mount to wood

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    Scope mount to wood

    Webley Boy, who trades as Historic Guns, gave me a BSA Sportsman 15 bolt action 22LR. The bolt operates from the top of the rifle preventing the use of conventional scope mounts.

    I was thinking of mounting something to the wood stock, there are likely looking bits to adapt for this on eBay, has anyone done this or is it a fool idea?


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    See if you can find a side mount instead. These are mounts which should attach to the left hand side of the action not the top & give you a metal to metal fit. I'm sure a smith could knock one up for you if they aren't commercially available for this rifle.

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    I'd be wary of attaching the mounts to the wood..... Wood moves due to many climactic conditions and this would be likely to throw your zero out quite often

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    Hi Sharkey, that is one approach I'm considering - there was a side mount made for the rifle but I think I read somewhere it was for 3/4 inch scopes. I believe the holes that are there for side mount are 4ba and I have ordered some screws so I can experiment.

    Hi Mike, I am wary which is why I'm asking if anyone has experience of similar. Mounting to wood seems quite common for long range iron sights - the ones which look like little ladders attached to the stock above the pistol grip.

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    Weaver made an assortment of side mounts for 3/4" and 1" tubes.
    * Directly screw onto the side of the receiver
    * Slide onto a rail on the side of the receiver
    * Pivot mount on a hinge, which swung to the side so you could mount the scope low, but still use the iron sights if necessary.

    Look on ebay. I see them an gun shows all the time.

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    Just a thought - could you mount a pistol optic further up the action away from the bolt? They have longer eye relief and might just keep it atop rather than at the side - again, just a thought
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    Southern is quite right - Weaver still make an assortment of side mounts with "wrap over rings" which may be suitable, however much will depend on whether the holes drilled in your action mate up with those of the side mount. You might want to check out EMMA Custom Rifles who hold a selection of rings, mounts and bases that are more difficult to come by. I have used them several times in sourcing older BRNO and SAKO mounts/rings. I have always found them extremely helpful and will normally let you have the item on "approval" to ensure it fits correctly. They do currently have a Weaver side mount with 1" wrap over rings up for grabs but looks like it does require some TLC, however it may suit your needs.

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    A friend has,a old sportsman 5 .
    He maybe a side mount out of a piece of ally angle iron drilled and taped to
    the left hand side of the receiver and fitted a weaver rail on the top of it .
    It works well as there is no heavy recoil.
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