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Thread: Bargain Night-Vision and Thermals

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    Bargain Night-Vision and Thermals

    I often moan and winch about the bad service I often get from some UK RFD's, who seem uninterested in selling you anything you want. But credit where it is due: In February of this year I purchased a Thermal Viewer from a Eurozone retailer, , saving myself some 800 compared to UK retail prices. A free High Capacity battery was thrown in by them, normally around 90...
    Last week, under warranty, I requested two new AA battery holders; as well as a new lens-cover, -which I had accidentally broken off, and expected to have to pay for-. All three parts were promptly dispatched with just a small charge made for package postage, and arrived by courier within days.
    If you require NightVision or Thermal equipment I recommend you consider using this Dutch company, who are not just a lot cheaper than most UK retailers, they also offer an excellent after-sales service.
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    Thanks Erik. Those prices certainly have got me thinking!


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    The prices do look very good it's just a shame they don't do anything in my price range at the moment such as the Yukon Photon.

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    A smashing link Erik, some great prices .... still can't find the underwear bit though?
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