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Thread: FAC Air arms 410

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    FAC Air arms 410

    I'm after moving on my FAC rated Air arms 410 extra. I'ts served me well for squirrel and rabbit control situations where the landowner (or situation) has not been firearm friendly, but still want the job done. I'm not using it much these days and want to move it off my ticket.

    Photos will be posted here when done this evening.

    It's dipped in advantage cammo (hardwoods green I think) with fully shrouded barrel, 1/2" unf mod adapter and weihrauch mod (also dipped).

    Included are:
    1 x 10 shot mag
    Quick fill adapter (for rifle and tank / pump)
    Harris style bipod (probably a copy but a good copy if it is)
    Leather sling as seen
    Scope not included

    Shoots nice groups with Logun penetrator pellets (21.5gr) and runs at about 32 ft lbs.

    Would benefit from a seal service, as it looses pressure from the cylinder over 2-3 days. Service can be done by Malmo guns before you pick up.

    200 ono (+ service cost if you want it done)

    Interest via PM pls

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    That'll just be the schraeder valve on the filling end, usually just a bit of cr4p on the seal which is easily replaced. Bloody good rifle if someone has the slot.
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    Good luck with the sale. Bargain price.

    I was told I could not add a conventional moderator to the sleeved barrel on mine…how does this adaptor work, or who did it for you please?


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    Limulus - you're probably right about the dirty seal, but I thought I'd give worst case scenario, so there are no nasty surprises for the new owner.

    Alantoo - I heard the same story about mods, but I'm a stubborn git. The pic shows the adapter which was made to fit by a local time served machinist that had retired into fixing air rifles. It was touch looser than an interference fit so a smear of slow Araldite and it's never been off / moved since. Any decent gunsmith that can cut threads should be able to run one up from piece of round stock.
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    Is it .22 ?
    If so can have first dib at it .

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    Sold pending the usual.

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    if for any reason this becomes available I would be interested.


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