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Thread: New Pup Health Checks

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    New Pup Health Checks


    I am thinking of buying a Black Lab pup and would like to know some basic advice on what health checks should be carried out. Also is the onus on the breeder to do some of the checks before I buy or is it me who has to get them done?
    Would it also be possible to tell me what the checks mean, Ive heard of a couple, hip score and eyes, but what do the score numbers mean? Ive also heard labs should be checked for fitting too.
    Finally would it be possible to give me the normal prices I would expect to pay for the tests.

    Many thanks


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    Most responsible breeders will make sure the Dam and Sire are health checked to ensure that the pups are given the best possible chance of being healthy. They will also give you a window usually 7 days in which they will refund your money if your own vet finds something of concern.

    Hip scoring can only be done when a dog is over one year old and some prefer to wait until 18 months. The dog is x rayed and the film sent off to the BVA for scoring. In general terms the lower the better and most will not breed from a dog with combined score more than 15. e.g. my own bitch has a score of 6:4 = 10. She has also been elbow scored but this is not very common. Please note however that because its parents have a low score does not guarantee a low score in their offspring, but it improves the odds hugely.

    The other things commonly tested for are the genetic conditions PRA & CNM. These are done as blood tests. A dog can either be,

    Clear (does not carry gene)
    Affected (carries and obviously affected.

    Preferably only Clear dogs should be bred from, but carriers are some times bred from but should only be mated to clear dogs

    clear x clear = Clear
    clear x carrier = some clear, some carriers
    carrier x carrier = some clear some carriers & some affected

    My understanding is that anything mated to an affected dog will result in affected puppies.

    A lot of people decry most of the above as unnecessary, but after not practicing what I preach, and buying a pup from untested parents and seeing him have a hip replacement before he was a year old (4000) I don’t think I'll take the chance again.

    Hope this helps

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