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Thread: Mauser 201 .22 wmr

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    Mauser 201 .22 wmr

    MAUSER 201 .22 WMR

    For sale is my Model 201 Mauser, just serviced by Gunsmith in Birmingham.
    The Rifle really is in excellent condition it has retained 100% of its blueing throughout and in keeping and is a lovely deep lustre. The rifles serial number and title are finely engraved rather than stamped, indicates a later production rifle. It has the Oberndorf Barrel and left twist.
    Rifle comes with the following:

    • 3 of 10 Rnd Magazines

    • 2 of 5 Rnd Magazine

    • 273 rounds of Hornady/CCI Maxi Mag ammo.

    • A Steyr Mannlicher case (that suits the rifle perfectly.)


    There is a slight scratch of the fore end near the checkering and an ever so slight “bruise” on the comb
    Happy to do face to face or RFD at cost - £15


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    Beautiful rifle and in the clambering im currently after just over my budget though plus I'd end up wrecking it as it's going to be a night vision rabbit/fox rifle and would get dinged all over the gator!

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    how has this not sold!?

    The ammo alone is the best part of £100!

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    Naive question probably but can the ammo be sent via RFD with the rifle?

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