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    Here for sale is my Fridge/Chiller, I have upgraded to a walk in chiller and no longer need this one.
    It is in fair condition and runs perfectly. Currently being stored in my garage.

    I have added pictures but happy to take others if needed or viewing upon request.

    I am looking for 400 but am open to sensible offers. No delivery option due to size. I will update post with dimensions shortly.

    Yes it does have a temp read out as can been seen in picture two of the close up. It is one fridge that shares the same air space. The shelving can be removed easily.


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails image.jpg   image.jpg   image.jpg   image.jpg  
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    Looks good, when you do the dimensions can you please include an internal height.

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    Do you have the dimensions of this?

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    Hi all sorry for delay in posting dimensions.

    Height 207 cm

    Width 140 cm

    Depth 81 cm


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    Are they external dimensions if so what are the internal dimensions or vice versa

    Atb Matt

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    Hi All

    They are external dimensions.



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    I can't quite tell, is it double doors two compartments?

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    Double doors same comparent.

    Still available.

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    Hi All

    The internal dimensions are

    151cm Height

    70cm Depth

    130cm Width


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