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Thread: Good result from Sporting Rifle Magazine

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    Good result from Sporting Rifle Magazine

    Having exchanged a few emails with a lovely lady called Ruth at the Sporting Rifle and Target Sports magazine I am assured that my bottle of whiskey has been sent. Ruth has asked that if any other writers have their bottle owing that they contact her at the email address given in the mag and she will do her best to sort out the backlog.
    It was a pleasure to recieve prompt service from this lady, and she has done much to restore my faith in a magazine which has taken some stick recently.
    The magazine has recently indicated that it would like to print articles from new writers so there is a chance that we could get some fresh faces and different outlooks on the pages of the mag'.

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    Looks like I need to pull my finger out and send them an e-mail then, cos they still owe me a crate of ale.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Well ley us know if it ever arrives!

    I glanced through it in town yesterday an saw the same ugly mugs in the articles so put it back on the shelf.

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    Well i also received my overdue bottle of Bruichladdich in this mornings post and note from Ruth - so well done Ruth!

    If the content of the magazine changes i might even start buying it again.....



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    Glad the bottles have arrived lads I have an assurance from a newly appointed member of the team at Sporting Rifle that they are changing the magazine for the better.



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    Would that also include a change of editorial direction too Sikamalc???

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    Sorry Rangefinder, not that I am aware of but who knows. I do not subscribe to any mags, got fed up with the same stuff all the time being reported. Besides too much to do now the Buck season is underway.



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    Thanks for your behind the scenes intervention Malc in sorting out the dram issue.....

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    My bottle arrived today.

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    Glad to hear it guys. Although I cannot see the attraction in the stuff.

    I will glance at the mag occasionally if I see it on the shelf and if it improves I might even buy a copy.

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