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Thread: 1987 TRX350 carb problems

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    1987 TRX350 carb problems

    Hi All,
    A pal of mine has an old but well looked after TRX350, recently he was using it when it started spluttering and when he stopped for a look there was a trail of fuel on the route he had just driven along.
    To date he has fitted a new main float Jet/valve to the carb along with other bits he got in a kit for the job, also a new float.
    He has also replaced the pump and this made no difference either as the fuel still runs out the overflow.

    Would anybody with any knowledge on this bike have any idea what it might possibly be?

    He is not a member on here but I have in the past received advice regarding quad issues on here and any advice would be gratefully received.

    Thanks in advance.

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    had the same problem went and bought a new carb from America for a fraction of the UK price problem was solved think the problem was caused by a form of corrosion within the floatbowl

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    Have him run it till warm and then park it over a fresh piece of cardboard. Knowing where the fuel is coming from is the first step.

    I have a couple Honda quads and they all run, and have taken anything I can dish out, but all seem to be cold blooded and occasionally prone to carb issues.

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    Tattie - That problem symptom says to me its dirt on the float valve seat or even a damaged seat - Not a problem of the float or the needle insert.
    Take the carb off, strip out all the guts & jets then ultrasonic clean the body making sure the seat is perfectly clean & undamaged.
    If the seat is damaged it is very difficult to rectify, but they can be re-polished with very great care - not easy though!
    Whilst the jets are out make sure they are clear & not getting a build up of fuel deposits.


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    Possibly debris in needle valve, if not in float chamber, but it has main jet, pilot jet, slow jet and starter jet, they all need to be clear of fuel residue.

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    Hi and thanks, Mac, Coot, Yorric and Rick for your thoughts on this.

    It is looking like it is coming from the float valve seat and possibly the best course of action would be to get a carb from the states as there do not seem to be any available in this country.

    Mack, where did you get the carb from in the US?



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    One last thing you could try before spending much would be to lap the damaged seat in with jeweller's rouge (or Brasso) on a suitaby shaped rod. - Even a Q-Tip can be used.
    It's a trick I learned from a very good motorcycle engineer who could make 'owt work with nowt!


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    try removing the needle valve seat and polishing. Find a suitably sized drill bit and turn it by hand BACKWARDS, this will very often clean / polish it enough. Or order a new one ? I'm sure rebuild kits are still available for these ? Wish I'd kept mine.

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    Hi Tattie

    Bought it on eBay of an American company trading as username wincycles they were great to deal with asked for the bike serial numbers on the carb and pictures got the carb in about 10 days took the old carb of replaced it with the new carb and it started and ran perfectly didn't even need to adjust the idle cost me 80 in total including the carriage

    polishing the valve seat might work if its not to bad but would rather get a new carb than risk having my bike go up in smoke


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    Hi all,
    Thanks for all the info and help, I have passed this on to my pal and he is looking in to it.



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