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Thread: Lightweight clothing for warm weather

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    Lightweight clothing for warm weather

    I feel the heat all of the time and so cant ever wear really thick or warm clothing. With the warmer weather arriving soon (hopefully!) I'm looking to get myself some lightweight trousers and jacket and or shirt.

    Can anyone recommend to me a light weight example of the above either camo or dark green?



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    I'm a walking radiator myself!...i wear a pair of soldier 95 trousers, a helly hansen lifa t-shirt or long sleeved top in green (these are 8 in different colours)
    Normally i wear a fleece on top...but a cammo shirt or similar will do the job on real hot days (although deer don't move around much on these days 'til the temp drops a bit)


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    Tesco, khaki/olive denim work type jeans 10 (29,30,31 leg ) . They are not the combat style with flapping pockets just ordinary jean type ( comfy fit ! lolol) . Cheap and very hardwearing .

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2434me View Post
    Tesco, khaki/olive denim work type jeans 10 (29,30,31 leg ) . They are not the combat style with flapping pockets just ordinary jean type ( comfy fit ! lolol) . Cheap and very hardwearing .
    And they do a short ar5e leg length for me as well, cheers!

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    My husband and I are planning a trip to Southeast Asia beginning April 2 and ending at the end of May this year. We won't be going "deluxe" but will stay in hotels and travel by bus, train etc through several countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. Since we're only travelling with backpacks the size of carry-ons, our clothing must be lightweight, fast drying and compact. We plan on wearing mostly slacks and tops with short sleeves as well as (for me) a couple of long skirts. My dilemma is that when searching for clothing online there is such a variety of fabrics reccommended for tropical climes. Some say cotton--others say NO. Other options I've found are washable silk, rayon, linen and even some of the newer nylon fabrics. If anyone has reccommendations for me I'd truly appreciate it. Thanks.

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    I have the same problem, my solution was to buy a lightwelght net jacket and trousers (about 50 now I think) you can wear what you like underneath sometimes just a tee shirt.


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    Here's what i use, In light foliage;
    in olive.

    Can't beat them for value for money!


    Edit; I tend to buy in the sales.
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    The Swedteam Hermelin trousers from Bushwear seem to be a good compromise between lightweight and rugged anough to crawl around in - the double reinforcing around the knees and backside helps. Not had time enough to give a full report on them but my initial impressions are good.
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