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Thread: Another biased BBC article - Trophy hunting in Iran

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    Another biased BBC article - Trophy hunting in Iran

    Yet again the BBC has lumped illegal poachers and legitimate trophy hunters into the same category, somehow paying a trophy fee that goes back into the national parks and targeting only the most mature rams that are past their prime is somehow detrimental to the overall welfare of the various wild sheep species in Iran:

    What they fail to mention is that NO permits were issued this year and it looks increasingly like there will be no permits issued next year for Iranian and foreign hunters, and consequently there has been no foreign hunters this year. Many of the species such as bezoar ibex are doing well and you can understand the frustration of Iranian hunters who have a long tradition of sheep hunting being denied their sport due to a knee jerk government reaction.

    Also hunting brings a lot of money into some of the poorest rural areas, which in turn teaches the locals that their sheep are worth more than just meat on the table, like anywhere in the world once trophy hunting is banned (Kenya is a good example) wide spread poaching occurs.

    As soon as they reissue permits I for one will be heading out to meet up with a very good Iranian friend to go hunting.

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    The general public can't handle complex issues, so the media break it down into simple bite-sized pieces for them.
    Sadly, it seems there's an appetite for stories lambasting rich Americans going hunting.
    The intricacies of the debate are of no interest to the BBC.
    The very idea of hunting = good in particular is anathema to the liberal-left dominated public broadcaster, it much prefers to demonise hunters as murderous psychos.
    I thought I could see light at the end of the tunnel, but it was only some fecker with a torch bringing me more work

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    Last year no permits were issued to visiting hunters as well, so the last American hunter would of been there in the 2013-2014 season. Yes I agree that the BBC has lost its way and is no longer impartial and will only run with stories that are popular and pander to the left wing/liberals/socialists, after all American hunters have been hunting in Iran for many years so why is it now such an issue.

    I would have thought there were far greater issues within Iran than sheep hunting.

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    Rather conveniently there is no option to comment on the article either. They also now make it very difficult to provide feedback on articles.

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