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Thread: Prvi Partisan

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    Prvi Partisan

    Just bought 20 150gr for my 308 Sako 75 .

    Any bets on how big the group will be?

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    Well I only hope its not like the last batch of 357 I bought for my hand gun I use for dispatching. The case split in the revolver and jammed the whole cylinder.

    Not my idea of good ammo

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    My old .308 Brno loved the stuff and grouped to around 1" with it. A mates .243 (Tikka) couldn't produce a group smaller than about 4" with the Prvi though.

    Depends on your rifle I suppose - let us know how you get on.

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    Well, i have said it before and i will say it again, this stuff for me is the mutts nuts. I use it in a Tikka 595 .243 and a styer .270 and cannot fault the stuff. I used it when contracting and can honestly say it never let me down and it accounted for some deer aswell.


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    l was given 180 rnds in 243 but as l home load l was only interested in the brass so l passed them onto a friend, l have not heard many good reports about them but l must admit that when we went to zero the rifle with them l was quite impressed with there performance, he was getting under 1 in grouping and they have shot very consistantly since making many kills and performing well, but the brass does need a little sorting.

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    I recently used PV Ammo in my .308, 150gn and it clover leafed in the ten ring at 100yds and from 200yds had a 1" group 1" low.
    Oh, I was using a 'cheap and nasty' remmy 700 Adl but then I had tweaked the trigger myself so maybe I cheated!!

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    when i first bought my tikka i was trying different ammo ,bought some of the privvi in .243 and could get a better group with the shotgun

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    I can never get a very good group with my shotgun even using full choke up close so you must be good!! lol

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    Just got a s/h Tikka T3 .243 , sighted it in for my 75gr V.Max home-loads and tried it with some 100gr SP `privi partizan` that I won at a stalkers shoot.
    Was pleased to get a half inch central 3 shot group at the same sight setting at 100yds so now I can shoot a Roe or a Crow by a simple bullet change-over.


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    Used prvi partisan 100gn sp .243 for plains game and performed faultless. Stopping most animals in there tracks, even wildebeest!

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