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Thread: Two 5 minute stalks

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    Two 5 minute stalks

    First day of summer holidays, do I go out stalking or stay in with the fiancee? So out stalking I go!
    I arrived at the land which I only visit two or three times a year. The land is 400 acre farmland with forestry on one side. Left the car and walked down old track into bottom of corn field and had a look all along the bottom and saw nothing. Stalked along the bottom to far corner and saw a set of horns moving in the corn. Couldn't see the body or head because of the height of the corn. Set up rifle on sticks and then the buck started walking straight towards me. It only stopped at 30yds with it's head and neck out of the corn looking straight at me. A neck shot dropped him where he was. I pulled him to the edge of the field and gralloched him and saw he had quite a good head on him. After gralloching him and putting him in my roe sack I looked across the rest of the land and spied another roe up at the very top. I climbed into a ditch out of sight and set off up the ditch. Came to the top of the field and crept 50yds along through the barley field and saw two bucks, not one. One buck decided something was wrong and disappeared into a small wood, leaving the second one out in the field. This one was shot at 110yds, not a very good head, just a young buck. Both stalks took approx 5 minutes each. Now I had to carry them both back to the car.
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    Wow! Great pictures and a lovely looking pair, congrats!

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    Congratulations and well done. Great looking head on the old fellah.

    Some days things just fall in to place - unfortunately these days are far and few between.......


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    Nice buck, good write up, nice bit of venison for the next few months.

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    well done on getting a brace nice head on the first ,but they will taste the same anyway!nice one,atb doug,

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