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Thread: Ridgeline 54" Drag Bag

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    Ridgeline 54" Drag Bag

    Just took delivery of a 54" Ridgeline Drag Bag. I was fed up of having rifle with scope but minus mod (too long) plus a bag with the plethora of junk that I seem to take out with me.

    The actually drag bag seems well made with three internal securing straps to keep my pride and joy secure, a large pocket for the butt and zips that feel quality as closures. There is a pocket along the spine for a rod and one detachable bag on the outside with an additional smaller pocket that is useful also having a further zipped pocket for license / permissions etc.

    Whilst I have to admit I have not compared it physically to the AIM equivalent price did play a part in my decision to buy this one.

    I am out Friday / Saturday and hope my new purchase brings me luck.

    There is a video on Youtube reviewing the Ridgeline 54" Drag bag.

    Mauser M03 Extreme .308 / Ruger 22 250

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    I handled one of these in my local RFD recently and was surprised at how durable and quality it felt and the price is very competative too. The only improvement I can see would be to make it capable of taking two rifles like my current rifle bag (although it is a cheap ebay job thats falling apart) as I often take two rifles out especially when zeroing etc.

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