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Thread: New to Stalking - Introduction

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    New to Stalking - Introduction

    Hi guys
    My name is Shaun
    I am very new to stalking. Only went with my brother in June as it was on his bucket list and we both got the stalking bug.

    So I have applied for my firearms licence, may take a while as Greater Manchester Police have a massive backlog (Apparently). I am applying for several calibres from .17 to .308. I would like to get into reloading as well. I have been shooting shotguns and reloading for over 20 years, mainly rough shooting although I did join a pheasant shoot club last year.

    I am going deer stalking again on Friday (14 - 15th August) up at Drumuir Castle Estate near Keith Scotland.

    I live in Greater Manchester (old school Lancashire), just outside Wigan.

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    Welcome. Lovely area around Drummuir.


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    welcome not far from me? enjoy the site loads of help and info.Dave

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    wellcome from a fellow pie eater!,,,some very helpful lads on here,,if in doubt ask up,,same as dave not far from me,,enjoy,,atb doug,

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi shaun dont think the weather has been to good to you this weekend hope you got lucky at drummuir let us know how it went I used to shoot there years ago great place for stalking

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    Thanks for the warm welcome guys. No luck this weekend, all I got was soaked - that and a couple of lobster off a mate who lives in Buckie. Still had a good time. Plenty of Does about but the bucks were really skittish. Seems the deer had more sense than to be out and about in all that rain.
    Going back again at the end of February. Hopefully will have my own rifle by then.

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