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Thread: Vortex ranges

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    Vortex ranges

    Was thinking of a big set of bins - back up and for spotting before getting out of the motor etc
    i like vortex and wish I kept vipers I had but not wanting to cough up that much for 10 or 15 x 50 bins
    how much quality difference is there between Crossfire - diamondback and viper please?

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    Crossfire to Diamondback - some difference and worth every penny to go to Diamondback in personal view.

    Diamonback to Viper - massive difference and boringly again kinda reflects the price differential. But a great deal comes down to individual eyes - I've had many people at the shows express a preference for DB over Viper. Some of that will be price related, but I think there's a great deal of individuality in it.

    Nothing beats being able to try side by side.
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