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Thread: Another tyresome question

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    Another tyresome question

    You see what i did there?

    Anyway - collective opinion sought. Considering Michelin Latitude Cross tyres and wanted to see if anyone had experience of them. Occasional offroad use, but i'd like them to work when needed (grass / mud type terrain), but also unlikely to kill me driving home on a wet road.

    Seem to be about 100 a corner for a 275/70 16H


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    Got the Alpin on a Toyota 4Runner and love them. Not mud pluggers, but have coped quite happily with sloppy tracks, grass slopes etc and my biggest scares always come on snow/ frost metal roads; which is why I got them. Transformed handling for the better on roads - fine in dry & wet and fantastic on snow/ ice- they really did make a world of difference.

    Seem to wear well as well.

    Hope thats of some use. Your on your own on the pun front...
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    Ta. I'm just being careful on the comparisons as there are two versions; H rated and T rated. One is rated 'C' for grip and efficiency and one is rated 'E'! Seems to make about 20 quid a corner difference, but i suspect the fuel difference would soon eat that up!

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