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Thread: Daily Mirror Grouse Shooting Poll

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    Daily Mirror Grouse Shooting Poll

    The Mirror is running an online poll as whether restaurants should serve grouse. There's the usual balanced commentary regarding blood thirsty gunmen. Please vote...and if someone could post a link I'd be grateful.

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    Here you go, I hope it works:

    Glorious Twelfth: Restaurants urged to scrap grouse from menus as bloodthirsty gunmen prepare for hunting season - Mirror Online

    As always from such a publication what a load of utter crap! interesting though how the voting is going... but im sure it will soon be turned around.

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    Done, journalism at its best as usual

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    Crazy, what with Cecil the lion etc there seems to be negative momentum against anything shooting related
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    just tried to vote but for some reason it doesnt seem to accept it. Could be my computer I suppose....

    would be interested to know what head of swans are 'murdered' to allow the grouse shooting to continue. I'm not quite sure what one would be doing up a moor.

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    Well, the Mirror is a labour-supporting "news"paper and grouse-shooting is seen a a sport only for toffs, therefore, naturally they have to oppose it.
    But yeah, it's typical of what passes for journalism in the UK these days.
    As so many asked during the Cecil furore, how many of the antis are prepared to spend a single pound to keep wild places wild?
    From what I've seen most of them want free, in every way, access to wilderness and aren't prepared to pay towards upkeep in any way shape or form.
    Without grouse-shooting their beloved moors would have been turned over to sheep or upland forestry years ago

    Mind you, newspaper journalism is bad enough, but relying on LACS? Feck but that is ensuring one-sided, emotive BS - killing swans on grouse moors??
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    never a truer word Geo, i quite agree.

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    Well considering it's a leftie anti anything newspaper, at the moment the majority of people who have voted want grouse kept on the menu. Perhaps the only thing The Mirror is shooting is themselves in the foot.


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    The vote is currently about 65% against stopping the sale of grouse in restaurants.

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    yet another paper never to use to wipe your Rs as more poo comes off the paper than your R's.


    vote done.
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