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Thread: 30-06...I'm coming out!

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    30-06...I'm coming out!

    I've decided to come out and confess that I am now looking to seek a variation to purchase a .30-06. I'm out!

    For years the fact that I worked in France kept me from ever considering the calibre and when I started stalking .270 Winchester was pretty much the "go to" choice. I must have owned for varying amounts of time, five or six of the things, along with 6mm Remington, .280 Remington, 7mm Remington Magnum, 8x57 and 8x60S.

    But never a .30-06. So as I will use only Vihtavouri N160 and always a bullet or 150 grains, 165 grains or (I intend as the one size fits all) 180 grains what loads are fellow forum members using with as my only powder I use now Vihtavouri N160, please?

    Barrels is twenty-four inches and it will be used mostly for woodland stalking on muntjac or roe with the odd fallow and maybe, when I can afford the time and the money, red hinds and perhaps red stags. NB...I'm not trying to stop trucks, enemy tanks or runaway trains with it!

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    You filthy animal you. Get off my Internet!

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    30-06 is a wonderful round -- Most flexible! However Viht N160 powder is a bit slow for 30-06.
    With all three bullet weights you have mentioned you would only get between 2400 & 2500 ft/sec with a 100% case fill. Your pressures will be low though! - Maybe too low for best obturation - look for sooty cases.
    N150 would be a better choice IMHO. - Good % case fill for excellent velocity & acceptable pressures.


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    My limited experience with VV N160 has been in the .270 Win, 7x64, and .280 Remington - all .30-06 case volumes, but smaller bores. I got terrific accuracy and good velocities as I passed 55.0 grains, and went towards 57.0 grains with appropriate bullets. I think the .30-06 is going to require going to 58.0 grains with a 165-gr BT ( near max! ), and probably the same with a 180-gr. H-4350, W-760, RL-17, RL-19 will give great accuracy and 100 FPS more velocity with the 165-gr bullets, and RL-22 and H-4831 with the 180-gr bullets.

    I am interested to see how N160 does for you in the .30-06. Your 24-inch barrel will help a lot. What kind of rifle is it?
    (PS: I hope you kept a .270, .280, 8x57 and 8x60S ).

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    Thanks for the interest and the replies so far. Hmm. I hadn't taken account of the larger bullet base factoring in to give lower pressures. But yes I take the point and agree. I found it excellent in .270 Winchester so had assumed (not realising the base area of the bullet becomes relevant) that I'd get as good results with it in a .30-06 size bullet. Point very much noted.

    Rifle is likely to be a Parker Hale M81 Classic and I am hoping that the same guy that cut the chamber on my (now sold .270 WCF Parker Hale M81 Classic) wasn't the one that cut the chamber on this .30-06!

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    I had good results with a load using H4350 under 165 grain ballistic tips, I'll check later but I think it was 57 grains of powder.
    Dead accurate and when my factory ammo runs out it's what I'll be going back to
    I thought I could see light at the end of the tunnel, but it was only some fecker with a torch bringing me more work

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    Thank God for that for a horrible moment I thought you were going to say you were buying a Blaser

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    We don't mind as long as its not a bl bla b blaser
    mind you they do shoot straight

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    Try 57 grains of Viht 160 behind the heavier 180 grain bullets, gives good results in my Tikka.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzking View Post
    Try 57 grains of Viht 160 behind the heavier 180 grain bullets, gives good results in my Tikka.
    That does look like its just coming on song with a nice case fill of around the 100%.

    What velocity are you getting? - Quickload him say 2524 ft/sec out of a 24" barrel & a peak pressure about 45000 p.s.i.

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