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Thread: Fitting Yukon Photon to Parker Hale (Mauser 98)

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    Fitting Yukon Photon to Parker Hale (Mauser 98)

    Hi All,

    As per the title, went to buy a Photon today but couldn't find any way of fitting it to my old Parker Hale (Mauser 98 action).

    The closest we got was using Hawke 2 inch reach rings (needed these on backwards to get the Photon far enough back to make the eye relief work) sitting on some weaver mounts but there wasn't enough clearance for the electric gubbins on the Photon.

    Has anyone else succeeded with a similar set up and what rings/mounts did you use.


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    ive just put a Schmidt n Bender 30mm tubed 8x56 klassic on my PH 1200 ,using Leupold high mounts to clear the bolt action and weaver bases. have a look at Optics warehouse in Paignton ,there on t,internet they do a few P,H mounts and bases for scope mounting and give very good advise .or cheat you can get 11mm picitinny to 20mm weaver adaptors which put extra height on your mount/ rings .using a mount on a mount would double your height above the bolt area ,atb
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    Cheers for that, I'll give Optics Warehouse a try.


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