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Thread: Help! I just don't like my rifle...

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    Help! I just don't like my rifle...

    I've owned my rifle now for 6 months. It's a BSA CF2 in .270 and as far as I can tell, there's really nothing wrong with it. It shoots alright, the stock looks nice, it's a real piece of British engineering which is probably a little older than I am and I bet has a few stories to tell.
    The thing is, for whatever reason, I just don't feel as if I get on with it. With the moderator on it feels cumbersome and difficult to handle, the trigger is somehow too far forward for me to hold the grip in what feels like a natural position with my right hand, and each time I press the trigger I can't help worrying that I'm about to screw up the shot.
    I've put almost 100 rounds through it since buying it, only one of which was aimed at a deer (which did its job) but I still don't feel happy with it.
    Just not for any reason I can pinpoint! It's my first rifle, I saved up for it and pestered my wife to let me buy it, and I want to love it. But I can't.
    I don't stalk often (couple of zero/practice sessions after buying it, a fallow early in March, took the rifle to the range last month to check zero and have a few practice shots, and tomorrow I'm out on fallow) so the rifle lives mostly in the cabinet.
    Should I see if I can find something that I like better, practice more with what I've got, or just make do as its really not causing me any problems in its infrequent uses?
    I fear I may be starting a slippery slope to becoming a serial rifle trader-in, never happy til I've had something else!
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    I'm the same as you , if it doesn't fit , it'll eat at me . I'd look around and find something that feels better in your hands . Finding a rifle your comfortable with is always a good idea and won't make you a serial flipper . Trust me , I know , I am a shameless gun whore of the worst sort lol .


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    Its a tough one - I've done the same thing with guitars hehe! I had a PRS that I liked, nothing wrong with it and I could do all the things I wanted to with it but it just for some reason didnt light my fire. The pickups werent quite hot enough for me, the neck was a bit thick... So in the end I traded it in and got a hot rodded Ibanez which (for me) ticked every box. And TBH I've never looked back!

    Shooting related, I love my S/S shotgun but I know I shoot better with an O/U so I'm planning to get one once I've scraped the pennies together for what I want.

    The similarity between both the S/S and the PRS though? They were my first! Same as your rifle in this case.

    I think its probably quite normal to do your research, pick a good rifle (or other item of choice) that on paper ticks all the boxes and then use it for a bit. And only in using something for a bit do you find what you do and dont like, and what works for you.

    It might be that the stock is too long, or that particular make of rifle doesnt fit your physiology correctly or the barrel lenght is too long with the moderator that you have. TBH I'd go to gunsmith with that gripe list and ask him to recommend a rifle for X budget which addresses those concerns!

    And then you'll probably find that in another few years there are things about that rifle that dont quite fit either and so it all starts again. But each time the issues become smaller and the delta between them becomes less, until after a few (but hopefully not too many hehe!) iterations you land yourself with something that works just right for you and you can get the best out of.

    This is all just my opinion on it all (for what its worth) but I think this same rationale applies for any kit you buy for anything. Musical instruments, rifles, sports equipment like cricket bats...

    I dont know anyone who has a hobby and nailed their kit choice right out of the box. And tastes change over time anyway!

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    Unfortunately you now will not be happy until you have either found out what makes it fit better or you buy the new shiny thing that has caught hold of your wallet controlling eye.

    If it's any conciliation I shot out a rifle and replaced it with a new one and it took half a season of full time stalking to become as happy with it as I was with the old one.

    Play with things try a cheek riser, take the but pad off/add an extention, try a scope with different eye relief or move yours forward a bit and back wards, take it to a friendly shop and try some different moderators.

    Failing that get and try as many other peoples set ups as possible before you part with any more brass!

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    It sounds like the rifle doesn't fit you. The mod you can change to a lighter one. If the barrel is too long you can cut it down. If the stock is too long you can do the same..... Or you can go out try different ones and find one that fits nicely and works. I'm on my third now and I am finally happy. Won't be changing that for a few weeks. Lol

    Seriously though. I think it is rifle fit. Go to some shops and try a few. Then go away and try it again a few days later. See if you can shoot some. Get a better idea of the different types out there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SimpleSimon View Post
    I just don't feel as if I get on with it. !
    If the rifle doesn't speak to you, nor feel like your best friend....DUMP IT, and I mean DUMP IT! Sorry.


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    iv got the same with a howa .308 that i recently bought, its nothing wrong with the rifle, apart from it weighing a ton its great, but theres something that i dont/cant get on with

    maybe its the t/hole stock that feels 'odd' to me, or perhaps its just early days as i only have 30 odd shots on it, going to the range tomorrow to spend some time seeing if we can become friends or find out if its time for a variation

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    It takes a good while to get used to a rifle.
    Some people just don't give them long enough.
    If you find the set up too long chop the barrel down.
    If it is too long in the stock chop the stock down or get a replacement stock.
    If the rifle shoots fine then change the bits that bolt on to it, not the whole thing.
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    You're welcome to try my Helix if we can get together on a permission / range
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidewinder View Post
    If the rifle doesn't speak to you, nor feel like your best friend....DUMP IT, and I mean DUMP IT! Sorry.

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