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Thread: Swaro SLC 8x56

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    Swaro SLC 8x56

    Or similar from the other similar makers.

    I can get the SLC 8x56 WB brand new for 1,200, but I'd prefer to get them second hand for 600.

    Any out there?
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    I bet there's somebody with a pair of these in the cupboard they've been meaning to offload since they upgraded to the rangefinders...

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    Anybody? I know you're out there, just not paying attention.

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    I haven't actually dropped them an email, but I guess you're right it might be worth my while. Thanks.

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    Click on their name in the above post and it takes you to their s/h list

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    The link doesn't work for me, but I have looked at what I think is their up-to-date list. I'll drop them an email too. Many thanks.

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    slc 7 x 42 ?? and under your price tag at 500 inc postage , orignal soft case and boxs

    no worries if not what your looking for !!


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    I have sent you a PM

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