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Thread: Renewal question

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    Renewal question

    Am i right in thinking only convictions since your last fac was issued have to be entered on the renewal form

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    Read the question on the form. I think it asks for any this time
    Have you been convicted of any offence (not including parking) or received a written caution?
    If yes, give details of all convictions and/or formal written cautions, binding overs and spent convictions, including those received outside Great Britain).

    It does

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    Any - ever bud....
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

    Ctrl-Alt FACT

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    Davie, I had my home visit a couple of weeks ago, and the PC asked if I had anything to declare since my last FAC was granted...

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    It used to be any since last renewal or variation, however it is now any and all convictions EVER!

    Remember this is a legal document so better safe than sorry and put it all every time.
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    better get another bit of paper then

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davie_M View Post
    better get another bit of paper then
    LOL, he had a file about an inch thick with him, told me it was ALL my past details....had the call two days later from the Inspector, all is/was well he told me, and asking about ammo amounts for the new 270 being added to it...and to expect my new ticket in the next couple of weeks...:0

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