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Thread: Quick fishing report

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    Quick fishing report

    I'm currently on Lewis for some fishing but for a range of reasons, including a chest infection that has taken me right out of the game, there hasn't actually been much fishing done. However, I did manage to get out a few days so far and thought to post some photos.

    My main interest is little wild brown trout in remote lochs but while I'm here it is a shame not to have the occasional bash at a salmon or sea trout so I've done a little of each. There hasn't been much in the way of water in the last few weeks but we are very lucky on Lewis to have salmon and sea trout in rivers, lochs and even in the estuary so no water doesn't always put an end to the sport.

    Today looked like it might have given a reasonable chance of a salmon on a loch and so I headed for a suitable loch for a cast or two to see if I couldn't bring one home with me:

    Conditions were actually pretty good but despite this I just couldn't hook up with one of the salmon that were hanging about and the best I managed were a few wee finnock which were returned:

    On Monday I fancied a sea trout and again although the water is low I had a feeling that I knew where some might be hiding and so I hit the river:

    The sea trout were playing better than the salmon were today and I had a few of these which gave great sport on a trout rod in the small river:

    It is nice to be back in a land of trout lochs and great views and even though Lewis is supposed to be flat there is always a suitable vantage point where the angler can spy out a loch to try for a trout:

    So far the brown trout and sea trout fishing seems to be going very well indeed, despite my very limited number of hours on the actual water, but I was a bit displeased not to get a salmon today. However, that is the way fishing goes and it doesn't always work to the plan. There is much less water than I had hoped and the rivers are now at summer low levels so this makes salmon fishing in the rivers less than ideal but we have so many other options that this isn't such a big deal. None the less the sea trout seem to be coming well in the rivers even on relatively bright days.
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    hope you get better soon ,,,ive had more than a fair share of infections,,,,looks absolutely lovely and some nice fish as a bonus,,,hope you get your salmon,,regards doug,

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    Wild brown trout, Sea Trout, Salmon, in stunning surroundings, nothing to beat that.

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    Lovely photos, glad the fish are biting.

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    That looks like an angling paradise!
    "Wishy washy hand-wringing diversified all encompassing liberal"

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    Keep the reports coming. Stunning environment. Best of luck for the rest of your trip. Gaz

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    Lovely photos, thanks for sharing & GWS
    I thought I could see light at the end of the tunnel, but it was only some fecker with a torch bringing me more work

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    Quote Originally Posted by geoshot View Post
    Lovely photos, thanks for sharing & GWS
    Looks stunning place , good sport fishing with lightweight tackle.

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    Get well soon. Makes me want to get back out there. I wonder if work and the Mrs will agree to a trip in September.

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