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Thread: Barrel wear - velocity

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    Barrel wear - velocity

    There is a lot of discussion regarding the premature wear of barrels where high velocty rounds are concerned. At what sort of velocities is barrel wear accelerated? Are there any ratios of twist times velocity that have ever been worked out.
    I am sure there are many variables, I would be interested what the reloaders here think.

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    Old Keeper, if you look at this barrel makers site and click on "life" you will get some info on your question;


    Edit, from what i have read it is a combination of heat and pressure, lots of powder pushing small projectiles seems to do it.
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    Thanks very much for that Flytie, an extremely interesting read.

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    Interesting and I agree: pressure (heat) is the bugger-boo of throat wear. I disagree with his assumption that 10000 rounds of .22LR will wear out a barrel. I have shot more than that from my Brno#2 over the last 28 years and it will still shoot sub MOA at 100M when the wind gods smile. Shoots bug holes at 25M... and Lord knows how many rounds it saw in the 25 years before I bought it. Twenty-twos that are cleaned frequently are rodded to death, not shot out.~Muir

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    Ahhh Muir that does not sell new barrels though!

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    That is totally rubbish about 22lr.Just think of all the old bsa and other target 22 that are still in use as club rifles at ranges and still win competitions

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