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Thread: be aware...

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    be aware...

    Just settled down in my high seat last night and i spotted an old man walking around down into where i would be i was rather peed off as i know there is a good buck there...any way he was just wondering back and forth so i headed over to explain this is pvt land...turns out the old boy didnt even know his last name...called the police who i then had to run up meet them jump in there 4x4 and get them into his location....heli was inbound and full search team as he had been reported missing at 1 pm and i got him at him in the 4x4 and they got him away to awaiting ambulance ....all safe and happy ending as the location is a very steep drop and i dont think he would have been found..

    ..moral of the may think your the only one out n about but you never know..keep an eye out for people...
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    Bravo and well done feller it ended all the better You Prob saved the old chaps life , some may have just waited until he had gone and just thought silly old git has blown my night !!!!
    well done again for just doing the right thing

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    Well done. We deal with quite a number of incidents like this in the Coastguard, just goes to show that not everthing is what it seems.

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    +1 well done for dealing with that!

    Seems such a shame to me that this is the sort of thing that should be reported in newspapers as it restores peoples faith in humanity!

    Instead we get "Ban Partridge" and the Kardashians...

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    Well done for taking the time to go over and speak to the old timer.
    I'm sure some of us might have just waited it out and regretted it after.

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    Good call, Shows what a stalker is doing all the time he/she is out looking at the game, checking stuff out & asking yourself " Is that normal behaviour?"
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    Well Done.

    But will the news report it as "Deerstalkers quick actions saves life of elderly man" or "Evil vicious killer prevented from killing by presence of elderly citizen"?

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    Nice one, hope you catch up with that buck an other day.

    I had a similar situation a few years ago.
    Mid afternoon on a summers day, went to fetch my cows in for milking,
    got half way up the track (good half mile from the nearest road and defiantly only suitable for a 4x4)
    I turned a corner and there was a renault Megane in the middle of the track. When I aproched the car I could see a women in the drivers seat. I spoke to her and she got out and ran into the maize field next door.
    I phoned the police and they sent a helicopter out to find her.
    Turned out she had just been released from a mental hospital, took them a while to find her.

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