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Thread: Lamping rabbits - When do you start?

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    Lamping rabbits - When do you start?

    I love my rabbit lamping but as I am getting a bit long in the tooth now I don't tend to start my lamping till it starts getting dark around 7.00 in the evening. (I getting too old to want to be trapsing around the fields in the dark till "unearthly hours in the morning".

    What month/time of the year do you guys normally start your rabbit lamping forrays?

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    That depends on how many there are, if it's alive with them all year round , and I don't shoot the obvious milky ones, if there's not a lot mid September onwards , regarding the milky ones a lot don't care but it's just my thing !

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    We start amongst rabbits as soon as the crops are cut, which has barely started up here with only the odd field being cut.going out an hour before dusk and a couple of hours after dark, dusk here is round about 9 to 9.30

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    usually after dark........

    as above though. why stop if there is a problem, they breed all year round?

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    We don't have any crops as such to cut on the hill farms around here where I shoot, the only thing that is harvested is either silage or hay. Most fields have been cut and baled now but there are still a couple that are waiting to be done.
    The reason I asked was that I have a friend who is begging me to take him out lamping - I took him out last week-end and he "christened" his rifle with a couply of rabbits during the day time - and now the bug has well and truly bitten. It's getting pretty dusky at about 9:30 nowadays so I might just arrange a short lamping session for him some time over the week-end or the beginning of next week.

    Arron - Like you I am not a big fan of shooting milky does but most of my permissions are purely rabbit control rather than "shooting for the pot", so any that offer a shot have to be dealt with regardless of size or sex etc!

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    Lamping? Do people still do that then?
    I don't tend to stop. I will be out an hour or so before dark then continue through the night to silly o clock. Not school nights though coz it is a 100 mile round trip. But seen the dawn come up quite a few times.
    i still enjoy it.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    as above an hour before dark for the young daft ones if ive got enough call it a day or stay to wait for charlie ,,,then carry on till my legs or feet hurt as like arron i dont like shooting milky does unless theres no other option,,atb doug,

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    No "off season" as far as im concerned......cant afford to give them an inch or you give yourself an uphill battle

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    Will probably start in a couple of weeks with the lamp,taken quite a few young this year at the request of the landowner, more than i normally would.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jim from accy View Post
    Will probably start in a couple of weeks with the lamp,taken quite a few young this year at the request of the landowner, more than i normally would.
    Same here so that's the same as I was thinking - Maybe give it a couple more weeks then start using the lamp. Till then I am happy just going out in the evening (When it isn't piddling down) and stalk a few followed by sessions of sitting quietly in the corner of a hedge and "sniping" them as they come out to feed!

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